fine art photography

A broad selection of images appears below.

Baghdad, February 2013

cross girl

Tim and his work, 2012

Hindu Women Road Sweepers, Pakistan, 2011

The Union Chapel, Islington, 2010

Rumana’s Book, Karachi, 2011

Friends at Koel, 2011

Maharagama Boys Home, Sri Lanka, 2002

Amelia’s work is about death, 2012

A Beach in Pakistan, 2011 

Zakia’s Reading, Pakistan, 2011

Pakistan, 2011

A Reflection of Faraz, 2011

Chili Lime Soda, 2011

Karachi, Pakistan, 2011

The Royse Stone, 2009

Wimpole Hall, 2009

Postbox in Royston, 2009

Bassingbourn Barracks, 2009

Steeple Morden Memorial, 2009


Any thoughts?

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