OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA“Caroline did a superb portrait of my grand uncle, a victim of the Battle of the Somme in 1916 which is now framed and adorns the downstairs hallway of our house. She managed to convey a sense of the cherubic innocence of someone who was barely out of boyhood when he enlisted from Ireland in 1914” – Myles


“Caroline has produced some amazing works of art for us, including a painting of us taking our first dance at our wedding. Carolines progressive attitude towards art has helped create some unique, modern centrepieces for our home. Her portraits, more traditional in style, are technically impressive and somehow capture the soul and character of her subjects. We hope to commission further works in the future” – Guy and Hannah


“Caroline Jaine is an amazing artist who has an eye for the character of her subjects. Unlike basic reproduction studios, with Caroline, you will be rewarded with a truly stunning piece of art that reflects as much about your inner self as it does of your outer visage. Caroline is able to transpose character, atmosphere and the glow of love or loss between people; whether life partners, families or individuals. Her vision is always true to her style yet sympathetic to the wishes and expectations of those who sit for her. Caroline’s method is personal and requires time, but it will be time well spent as the result will be unique. Able to turn her hand to the beautiful simplicity of charcoal, the tradition of oil or more contemporary mixed media and collage; Caroline will find something that works for you. Whether you are looking for a personal gift, a family portrait, a keepsake or a talking point in a more public space, with Caroline, you will become the owner of an heirloom that you will treasure” – George


“Without knowing him, Caroline intuitively chose what had been my husband’s favourite photograph of himself.  Every day, through her portrait of him, I am reminded of the light in his eyes.  The painting became even more important to us when our grandchild, who had never met him, waved her arm towards the portrait and introduced him, “That’s Grandpa” – Linda

ART COLLECTOR“I’ve got a few of Caroline’s pieces up around my house and I love every single one!  Each one is completely different (landscapes, portraits, defacements and abstract!) but all of them are beautiful” – Daisy



“What a genuinely creative and talented woman Caroline is! Cannot recommend highly enough” – Elizabeth