Artist Takes Secret Selfies in Stranger’s Bedrooms – see the photos here

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20121019a 50 shadesFive years ago Caroline Jaine (44) packed in her office job and embarked on a two year art course. But following her dream to become an artist came at a cost: the fees were high and supporting her three children proved hard. Caroline had no choice but to take on some mundane work to make ends meet. We can’t reveal the nature of the work, but it took the artist into the homes and bedrooms of complete strangers.

Struggling with boredom and wanting to keep her creativity sparked, the artist embarked on a secret project. Interested in portraiture she began snapping a bizarre series of selfies often in the bedroom mirrors of the houses she visited – often taken quickly and without the occupants of the houses knowing. 25 of the photos appear below (she has many more). Speaking earlier today, Caroline says she hopes the release of this series of photographs shows the importance of keeping a nugget of mindfulness whatever shit work you might be asked to do. But also says it raises questions about privacy and audacious self-obsession.

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