I am a published writer with experience working to a wide range of briefs and topics, including international affairs, travel, art & culture, and academic analysis. Currently working on a book on short stories to be published in 2021.

  • Professional paid writer, having written over 100 articles for high profile blogs, magazines and newspapers. Former columnist for Pakistan’s main English language newspaper, Dawn.
  • Former government speech writer and regular writer for the World Bank on the subject of communication for a number of years.
  • Author of A Better Basra. Written following a harrowing experience in Iraq in 2006 and prompted by giving evidence at the Iraq Inquiry, The full length book, was published in 2011, and launched at the House of Lords. Described as the “Brigid Jones of Basra”, this work has nevertheless received praise from Ambassadors, development experts, journalists and academics. The latter recommending it as a key study text for those understanding civilian integration in military environments.
  • Former University Lecturer in Media & Communications at Masters level. In 2012 had an academic paper published in the Hague Journal.
  • Paid editor, working on three lengthy academic texts, as well as ongoing marketing copy.
  • 15 years in the Foreign Service working as a Ministerial Speech Writer & Researcher, Press Officer, and Head of Communications and a number of other communications roles.

Links to writing here:

  • A Bettsr Basra – kindle available. Currently out of print, new print run planned for 2021.
  • Columnist for Pakistani news agency Dawn since 2011. A sample list of posts appear on this site.
  • I also founded and ran Askance a social enterprise publishing house between 2011-2015. At Askance I published 15 titles, acting a editor for many of them.
  • The World Bank blog on media and communications issues since 2007.
  • Travel writing under the name “Nomadic” for many years – she has recorded her journeys in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, France, The Netherlands, India and others.
  • Many of recent articles about the arts and politics appear on the JaineArt blog.


Any thoughts?

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