World War I – Forgotten Heroes – a Centenary Project

In 2015, I was supported by the Imperial War Museum’s First World War Centenary Project to develop a portraiture project to create a legacy for the people from Britain’s dominions and colonies who fought alongside the British.  Working with two other artists (Janice Wilkins and Felicity Borwick), and WWI historians we unearthed images of “forgotten heroes”.  Taking inspiration from the photographs, we produced new ‘colour’ portraits to honour and commemorate their service.  Together with their stories, the portraits were exhibited as part of the Festival of Ideas at the Michaelhouse Centre in Cambridge.  Below are some examples of my paintings.  Several are now in private collections, including  the portrait of Jogendra Sen, which is now part of the UK Government Art Collection.

Did You Know many nationalities fought alongside the Brits during the war? For example, nearly 1.5 million men from India and modern day Pakistan fought for Britain during the First World War? Over 50,000 were killed.  Soldiers from the West Indies Regiment saw action in France, Palestine, Egypt and Italy.


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