Much of Caroline Jaine’s work from 2011-2012 can be seen in the catalogue for her joint exhibition with artist Janice Wilkins. The show Magazine: 2012 was the first exhibition not to be held at the newly acquired Serpentine Sackler Gallery in London.

Works include: Anonymising the Magazine, Free Libyan Youth, Chromakey, Iconoclasts Two Point Zero (Playing, Jokers, The Inquiry), Hoarding (I want to do more stabbing, push the bit right into her eye, screw it up), Untitled and the collaborative work Ecdysis

The catalogue includes a forward not written by Serpentine Gallery Directors Hans Obrist and Julia Peyton-Jones, a review of words by artist Robert Good, and the artists in conversation without Seth Siegelaub.

To download a free copy of the catalogue in PDF please click below. 2012 internet dowload

You are invited to share the PDF as widely as possible – but please tell the artists if you do.  Janice Wilkins and Caroline Jaine are interested in the digital and 2D dissemination of information vs Gallery visiting.

The artists retain copyright and the catalogue is not for resale without permission.

To order a hard copy of this high quality glossy catalogue please visit Askance Publishing.

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