Fine Art Projects

IMG_7599 twelegrams 19 and 20IMG_7589 twelegrams 9 and 10

Twelegram – This project is part of the Text & Context exhibition in Cambridge, October 2012.

12 queen hearts card 10 hearts card A3 05 hearts card 10 hearts 01 ace hearts card

The Pack – 254 portraits made into playing cards….it’s all about the network

43 House cupboard the street first three the street first three 2 42 House cupboard

Street Art – is about furniture and homelessness

Mary Profile Picture Project – is a cross-faith participatory work

karachi beach

The Cambridge Karachi Portrait – Jaine selected a city to juxtapose with Cambridge that many said had very little in common. Karachi in Pakistan – despite being a thriving economic hub and the 10th biggest city in the world – is often presented to the world as a place full of one of terrorists, rife with fundamentalism and lawlessness.  Jaine’s ambition was to show commonalities and connections between these two apparently different cities. The process of generating a portrait of the two places was complex and involved inviting a host of volunteer participants, mainly from the business community. Film, story-telling and photography was used and the outputs include a film (Another Face), a book of photographs and this website. However the experience has also generated relationships and ongoing dialogue – and this site also promotes business and other exchanges between the two cities (see the Cambridge Karachi Connections page for more).

Book Cover Throng

Throng – an exercise created to play host to a collaborative essay on the art of participation.  Those contributing are artists, thinkers, practitioners, communicators, sociologists, anthropologists, and politicians.


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