Caroline Jaine’s has been offered space in San Pedro del Pintar to exhibit her paintings and drawings of the town.  Dates to be announced shortly. Caroline Jaine is currently showing work that supports World Bicycle Relief in the “Ride to Cambridge” exhibition at the Cambridge Contemporary Art gallery on Trinity Street in Cambridge.  The exhibition runs until 9th July.
chromo keith inquiry at the obsessions exhibition     wbr paintings in gallery
Exhibition: part of a London group show Obsession: Love, Ritual, Collection at the Embassy Tea Garden curated by Charlotte Meddings 23-29 June 2014.  Details of the event here.
baghdad barriers exhibition invitation r  bbsm guests3
  • Solo Exhibition: “Baghdad Barriers & The Secret Message”, Iraqi Culural Centre, March 2014.  More details and a film made by the Rory Peck Trust on the dedicated webpage.
  • Exhibition: “Motorarts”, Wilton House Supercar event, Wiltshire, August 2013
  • Exhibition: one of 84 artists exhibiting in the “Dazed & Refused” show at the Arches Gallery in Hackney in London, July 2013
  •     passion for power exhibition apr 2013dr roberts salon de refuses   
  • Exhibition: “Motorarts” Passion For Power, Event City, Manchester April 2013
  • Exhibition: one of 12 artists selected (for Twelegrams) to be part of Robert Good’s Text & Context piece for Sheffield Bank Street Arts, 12-12-12

IMG_7589   inquiry3 defaced

  • Exhibition: one of 25 artists selected for Cambridge wide Text & Context public exhibition forTwelegrams, October 2012
  • Exhibition: Final Show for Masters in Fine Arts, Ruskin Gallery, Cambridge School of Art, September 2012
  • Not an Exhibition: Magazine 2012, Not at the Serpentine Gallery, May 2012
  • Exhibition: The Searle Award Short-List, (book-art) Ruskin Gallery, Cambridge School of Art, March 2012


  • Solo Exhibition: Travels in South Asia, (paintings & drawings), Sweet n Spicy, Cambridge, December 2011
  • Solo Screening: Another Face, (film) Oxford University, October 2011
  • Solo Screening: Another Face & Photographic Exhibition, (film) Ruskin Gallery, Cambridge, August 2011
  • Solo Screening: Another Face, (film) The Pakistan High Commission, July 2011


  • Screening: The Mary Project, (film) House of Lords, London, April 2011
  • Exhibition: The Mary Project, (curation) Ruskin Gallery, Cambridge School of Art, November 2010


  • Exhibition: Portraits of War Correspondents, (paintings) Storm at the Arts touring in Surrey, November 2009
  • Exhibition: Portraits of War Correspondents, (paintings) Storm at the Arts, Cambridge, October 2009
  • Exhibition: Geoffrey Bawa’s Lunaganga, (paintings) Bentota, Sri Lanka May 2009


  • Solo Exhibition: Portraits of War Correspondents, (paintings) The Frontline Club, London April-June 2009

  • Exhibition: Up Close, (drawings) Finomenal Space Gallerie d’Art de Colombo, Sri Lanka 2003
  • Book Signing: Palmy Days (photographs of Sri Lankas children, Barefoot Gallery, Solombo, Sri Lanka, 2003
  • Exhibition: Up Close, (drawings) The Bungalow, Colombo, Sri Lanka 2002
  • Exhibition: Impressions of Bratislava, (paintings) Galleria, Slovakia 2000 (British Council Sponsored)
  • Exhibition: Final Show, (installtion) Bath College, UK 1991

Any thoughts?

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