Places, perceptions and pictures

The pictures we carry in our minds are often stereo-typical and overlook the complexity and people of a place.

Selfish Self Portrait of an Activist

A few years ago, feeling very self conscious about self portraits, I started a project called The Selfish Portrait – where I asked my portrait subjects to make an image of me. I was inspired by the Oscar Wilde quote: “Every portrait that is painted with feeling is a portrait of the artist, not of the… Continue reading Selfish Self Portrait of an Activist

Bicycles, Art & Missing School Girls

Those who follow me on Twitter and Facebook will have noticed a steep increase in bicycle-related art works of late. Just moments before I left the cycle-rich city of Cambridge after 20 years of calling it my home, my arts organisation was awarded funding to run a project for the Cambridge Vélo Festival, which coincides… Continue reading Bicycles, Art & Missing School Girls