When Murderers Get Together

    Beware the legitimiser. In a society where harming animals is not accepted, pulling legs from a fly, squeezing a cat a quite joy.  But meet a hunter or badger baiter and you are more likely to join them take pleasure in blooding faces in red coats.  There are others. Why bother seeking help… Continue reading When Murderers Get Together



(The following Manifesto was developed in the summer of 2011 during a residency at an allotment – “Art, Gardening, Politics & Cake”) THIS MANIFESTO SHOULD BE PRINTED ONTO HANDKERCHIEFS AND GIVEN AS GIFTS TO PEOPLE SELECTED BY THE ARTISTS MANIFESTO Inspired by Manifestos of DaDa and BlahBlah, this is an ironic penning that shouldn’t be… Continue reading Manifesto

A Better Basra – extract from the book

As I am about to head to Iraq once more I thought it would be a good time to share an extract from my book about my time there in 2006.  This post was first published on the World Bank website in 2011 – please leave any comments there: http://blogs.worldbank.org/publicsphere/better-basra-five-years * * * * * 3… Continue reading A Better Basra – extract from the book

Political Art & Pakistan

This article was originally published in Dawn on http://dawn.com/2012/06/04/political-art-and-pakistan/ PLEASE COMMENT ON THE ORIGINAL POST In 2010, I abandoned a career in the Diplomatic Service in favour of becoming a full-time artist (and finishing my book). At the time, it felt like an emotional escape from my disillusionment with the world of international relations – my… Continue reading Political Art & Pakistan

A Place Too Dangerous for a Major Sporting Event?

  This post originally appeared in Dawn.com titled “Too Dangerous For The Games? (loosing its ambiguity a little).  The illustration below was submitted with the post, but Dawn chose one of their own.  Please comment on the original http://dawn.com/2012/05/21/too-dangerous-for-the-games/ My love affair with cricket began in Sri Lanka, which was my home over a decade ago.… Continue reading A Place Too Dangerous for a Major Sporting Event?

Why Artists Shouldn’t Have Exhibitions

Only people able to make a precise location, date and time will come to your exhibition Of those that do come, they might be the WRONG people.  IE not people you necessarily want to share your work with The people you DO want to share your work with might not be able to make it… Continue reading Why Artists Shouldn’t Have Exhibitions