Art from reclaimed materials

Two years ago I made a pledge not to buy any new art materials – and so far so good.   I paint on found objects, old canvases and road signs.  In one corner of my workshop I keep a drawing board and shelves that house paint and other materials reclaimed from my day-to-day business.  I have more than halved the amount of waste we produce in our business by using it in art work – and I am continuing to develop ideas to reduce it further.  Currently I am turning waste paper used to mask cars and left over filler into paper mache sculptures! I will share some images soon. below are some examples of my landscapes made from 100% recycled materials.


I run art-classes on Saturday afternoons where you can use all the reclaimed materials I have.  You just need to bring yourself and clothes you don’t mind getting paint on – and you will leave with a fantastic work of art – with the added value that it has been made from materials that might otherwise have ended up in land fill.

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