2021 – A Welcome Change

I don’t need to tell you what a difficult year 2020 was. We all know it. We got through it. And although today doesn’t look too different from yesterday, we needed a “New Year” right now, more than ever.

For me 2021 brings big changes. This is a brief update for those interested.

What’s old. My car repair business is no longer. I am no longer going to attempt to make art or write with the purpose of making money. It will be through joy and love – any financial reward will be directed to charity. I have dealt with some demons and said some sad final farewells.

The end of anything is always the beginning of something else.

What’s new. In a few days time I start a new job, back in public service, I am going to be helping people in crisis get tangible support. In 2020 I qualified as a Reiki healer and passed a Level 2 Counselling qualification – both of which I intend to use to help support others in my spare time.

As a result of ‘dealing with demons’ the style of my art and creativity changed almost overnight. I felt ‘unlocked’ and free to paint in a new way. I am still committed to using reclaimed and recycled materials, that hasn’t changed, but I feel a new freedom of expression that was previously missing. The past few months has also seen me writing a collection of curious travel tales which I hope will be published in 2021. Whatever difficulties 2020 brought, it helped me look back and reflect and understand that I have a few stories to tell.

But perhaps the most treasured change will be my new status as a grandparent. I literally CAN’T WAIT!

To keep up with me during 2021, feel free to follow my journey on Facebook, Instagram and occasionally when I can bear it Twitter. In the meantime – Happy New Year everyone. Make it special x

Interior landscape during lockdown
Interior landscape during lockdown 2
Interior landscape during lockdown 3