Art that Gives a Sh*t

art shouldn't have to cost the earthAre you an artist that gives a sh*t about the environment?  Are you pissed off with plastic? Scared about what we have done to our oceans? Are you worried about cow farts and palm oil? Does your art practice reflect how you feel about waste / reliance on plastic / pollution / climate change / sustainability / veganism?  

So many of us are thinking about our behaviour – what we eat, wear and buy.  Artists and crafters are beginning to think carefully about how they make things.  Motivated by the need for makers to have a good look at the materials they are using, the Eco Art & Craft fair in Chippenham on Saturday 21st March will showcase Art that Gives a Sh*t.

You don’t need to be a purist to join in, you just need to have taken a step towards giving a sh*t about the world around you.  If you want to know more or apply to take part, the first stage is the visit this site. The organisers are trying to make exhibiting/trading as accessible as possible – so it’s unlikely to cost more than £40.

I look forward to seeing you there – with my crazy paintings made from left over car paint and reclaimed gloss!