It’s been a while since I’ve had an epiphany, but change is definitely in the air.  A few months back the combination of having TOO MUCH OF MY OWN ART and having ready access to left-over spray-paints and gloss paint (that was being chucked out from Damien Hirst’s studio) provoked me to start tossing the unwanted paint onto the unwanted art.

It has taken a while before realising what I was doing – and I’m now full steam ahead, creating a collection of about 50 new art works.  I’ve defaced detailed portraits, landscape of Spain, political art and still-lives.  They are all getting the same treatment.

When I’m done, I’m not even sure that I will exhibit them.  I might set fire to them, but preferably both.  That’s where the epiphany bit comes in…hopefully I will be in a great place to start afresh with some new work that is already growing in my mind’s eye.

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