I’ve had it with the BBC

I just received a ‘breaking news’ email from the BBC telling me that the people who robbed Kim Kardashian have been caught.   I feel sorry that she was robbed, but this is NOT BREAKING NEWS.  The BBC have lost the plot.

There appears to be a three way battle going on at the BBC: Firstly  reporting what is relevant and important.  Secondly, producing click bait – crappy headlines that give you the urge to look further – today we have pictures of the voluptuous Kardashian and on their main news page an article entitled ‘Red Panda cubs frolicking in the snow’. The third type of news they offer is in the form of adverts for other BBC programmes.  BBC radio (eg the Today Show) is particular bad at this, journalists and broadcasters constantly interview each other promoting other BBC shows.

The BBC seem to have lost a sense of direction and identity.  They are trying to be the top quality news provider that they have historically been, but simultaneously produce meaningless tabloid headlines and attempt to woo other markets.  They have neither edge not credibility any more.  I’m switching channels and turning off my email alerts.


(painting by Harry Rutherfood, the BBC’s first in house and on-air artist)