CAROLINE JAINE: End of Year Update

It’s the time of year for writing Christmas cards and mulling over the past year. I wanted to give you an update on how things are going for me.
caroline science apronIn the past year, 11 new people have paintings or drawings by me, and for the first half of the year I was very much focussed on making more commercial paintings many of which were inspired by motor vehicles (you might know I am a bit of a petrol head).  However in July I landed an amazing job as Damien Hirst’s painting assistant at his studios in Stroud.  The job is wonderful and has had taught me new skills, which I hope to bring into my own art practice.  The studio is a five minute walk from my own studio – an added bonus as I can be at home and working on my own paintings by ten past five every day!  Earning a living as a studio artist is great, as it frees me up to paint exactly what I want to paint – so I am hoping this coming year will see me continue to take commissions, but also develop my ideas and techniques further using my new skills. Current thoughts circle around comic book art, street art and portraits. Watch this space!
As you might imagine, I have a lot of art in my studio that I would love to see go to a good home – there are paintings of Spain, motor cars and bikes, sketches of Baghdad and much more. Much of it is for sale on Art Fido but if you want to come and visit my studio or have any specific ideas for commissions let me know.
jack portrait brushes by caroline.JPG

I thought I would sign off with my most recent  painting – a large portrait of my neighbour and friend, Jack Lewis – who also happens to have been a Formula 1 racing driver in his youth!  As ever, more of my art can be seen on where you can also subscribe to my blog.
Wishing you a very Happy New Year, and hoping it brings love, health and a little creativity!
Best wishes
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