Saying Goodbye to Jacky


I’m not ready to say goodbye to Jacky

to lay a flower on her coffin
to light a candle in her name
I’m not ready for reading brave obituaries
Nor to speak of her in the past tense
Or work out who’s to blame
We had more adventures to come did me and Jacky
women to free, peace to bring
and Daesh to tame
So many new ideas to share, wine to drink
and stories to tell,
of the women we became
I’m not really ready to write a poem
Or draw a picture of her face
But I’ve done it all the same

2 thoughts on “Saying Goodbye to Jacky

  1. I love this poem . Could you tell me who is Jacky ? It is a bit late but I want to say I am very sorry for the loss . Hope you and your family are well Caroline I miss having you around . Have a fantastic year. Love Ramzieh

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