How I ended up watching and painting Classic Superbikes at Snetterton


Last October I managed to snatch some special time with my 16 year old son, Billy, and was looking for something to do that we would both enjoy.

Classic Superbikes racing at Snetterton in October 2011 (oil on wooden panel) Classic Superbikes racing at Snetterton in October 2014 (oil on wooden panel)

Billy is not that big into bikes, but like many he enjoys Mr Guy Martin’s exploits (the only book he has ever read cover to cover) and had (terrifyingly) recently acquired a moped from his father. I always had the view “four wheels good, two wheels bad”, when it comes to safety for my child, but there you are. Like me, Billy enjoys watching anything with wheels and an engine going fast around a track – something about the smell, the noise, and the speed that appeals to us both. The only thing I could find that looked exciting was the CRMC Classic Bike Championships at Snetterton. Niether of…

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