Why I painted a helicopter

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOK, I didn’t actually paint a helicopter.  I painted a picture of a helicopter.  And not any old helicopter – this one saves lives.  It surely isn’t hard to demonstrate that humanitarian work can be sexy and dynamic can it?  I’m not sure why so many artists chose to focus on war, when there is a rich pool of amazing stuff to draw inspiration from – images that show case how incredible humans can be to one another.  Perhaps it is a sad reflection on our news media – which is obsessed with the horrible.  It certainly doesn’t reflect reality.  Life is full of brave, resilient people.

So meet Magpas.  A charity based near Huntingdon in Cambridge. They provide support to the Ambulance Service by providing the gorgeous Magpas Helimedix Air Ambulance and a specialist medical team. The charity operates a helicopter and rapid response car, staffed by highly trained doctors and paramedics, many of whom volunteer their own time.

Pretty cool stuff.  And they inspired me to paint this for them.  Share if you like. Give if you can.  Magpas need over £2 million a year to function – money that is surprisingly NOT provided by central government.