Prime Minister returns to face Cat Crisis


Prime Minister, David Cameron has flown back to the UK to address what he says are “increasingly serious concerns” over his relationship with Downing Street cat, Larry.   Breaking away from him crucial role of negotiating a truce between the US and German governments over high profile phone surveillance, his return to the UK is amid media speculation of a rift between the pair.

“It’s important for the future of Britain that the Prime Minister not only loves Larry, but is seen to love Larry”, says John Hemming, MP.  Hemming, who two years ago had a kitten stolen by his estranged wife, goes on to say, “any modern democracy is hinged on whether people likes cats or not.  This could end Cameron’s term in office, if he is faced with a no confidence vote”.
The Cameron family have declined to comment on the issue and have asked to be left alone at this difficult time.
A spokesperson for Larry said he was currently asleep.