When Murderers Get Together


when murderers get together


Beware the legitimiser.

In a society where harming animals is not accepted, pulling legs from a fly, squeezing a cat a quite joy.  But meet a hunter or badger baiter and you are more likely to join them take pleasure in blooding faces in red coats.  There are others. Why bother seeking help when nobody else is?

Accepted.  A sexual attraction to minors fuelled by images of children on the internet and then contact with those who feel the same.  No longer alone, not the only one, perhaps it is normal.  Abused yourself, “it never harmed me”  Seeking to normalise.  Mainstream hype and hysteria – thinking it was an affliction that needed help, but no!  There are others.  We can’t all be wrong.

Imagine you are angry.  Not just angry but furious.  So mad you will kill.  Your family dead or dishonoured or both.  You have fire in your blood.  There may be social injustice or a inability or unwilling of those who should protect.  You are powerless, abused, weak, discriminated against.  They hate you anyway, so why not?  The switch flicked and now you are primed to kill or die yourself to express your angst.  Theres not medical intervention for your mental state.  You can’t even share it.  But then you can.    There are others.  Plenty of them.  They feel like you and empower you with the mental and physical tools you need.  They will whip your mind until you will die smiling for them too.

Beware the legitimiser.